The team at 4DSci is prepared to bring Virtual Reality to your school. We have a wide variety of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core compliant VR experiences specifically designed to enhance your classroom lessons.

We develop everything in-house from the curricula to the computer systems that are brought into the school. All of our technology and programs are 100% customizable. This allows us to adjust the lessons to suit needs of your classroom.

The 4DSci van is a mobile classroom we use to provide all the equipment needed for your students to have a shared and fully immersive VR adventure.

Our team plays the role of a virtual ‘tour guide’ to point out those items that are most relevant to your current lesson while still giving the students freedom to look in any direction as they explore the world around them. The shared journey of being in the same VR world makes it easy for the lesson to continue into the classroom as students swap stories about what they experienced and what they saw that was most exciting.

Ask us about the ways we can bring these immersive Virtual Reality lessons into your classroom!