4DSci is taking their virtual and augmented reality capabilities to the next level with the Q36ESM, a custom designed and built robot that houses a 3D light scanner. What is light scanning technology you may ask? The 3D light scanner captures the real image of an object from all axes with up to .05mm resolution and 2.3million vertices per scan. 4DSci uses this technology and the Q36ESM to scan physical objects and artifacts in order to create realistic 3D imagery that is used inside virtual and augmented realities.

The current goal associated with the Q36ESM is to catalog museum pieces and artifacts that would normally not be display for public viewing. This will allow museums to catalog and archive their inventory while also helping them to showcase their collections. Once these images are embedded in virtual and augment realities, viewers can manipulate the captured item to view it from all sides and angles. This will give every day people the opportunity to ‘hold’ priceless artifacts in the palm of their hand.

4DSci has gone one step further with the Q36ESM and included a highly sophisticated wheel base. This allows the operator to scan very large items such as cars and boats, making the applications of the technology virtually limitless.

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