President, Brian Alvara, began life in South Los Angeles and went on to attend San Jose State University and become a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy Reserve, all because of a basic electronics course he took over the summer during high school. It was during this class that he developed an aptitude for electronics and saw a future for himself outside of Los Angeles. After graduating from San Jose State, Brian joined the United States Navy as a naval aviator and then transferred to the US Navy Reserve to become the Operations Officer for the SPAWAR Reserve Program Unit 302 for unmanned systems. While pursuing his passion for undeserved students, his path intersected with Victor and eventually lead to what is now STEAM Maker and 4DSci. While still active with the U.S. Navy Reserve, Brian focuses his time on ensuring undeserved students realize their potential at a young age and have the confidence to pursue their calling.


Founder, Victor Ciccarelli, developed his passion for technology and the arts long before he retired from the United States Navy, became a serial entrepreneur, or held patents in image compression technology and safety software systems. He realized as a young boy that he did not learn from reading but rather that his strengths were in doing. Because of this, he became a non-academic student that was known for taking things apart to see how they worked before putting them back together again. As he matured, this aptitude for engineering expanded to include computers and the arts. He is a champion for the student that refuses to fit within the parameters set by traditional schooling. Victor makes it his mission to reach these students and ensure they understand that a course set for college, while a good path, is not the only path to success.


Director of Education Research, Dr. Azoulai, has always had a passion for education and dedicated his life to understanding information processing, neuroscience, and perception. He completed his undergraduate work at The Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned a BS in Computer Science, specializing in artificial intelligence and graphics. After working as a consultant in the information technology industry for several years he returned to school to study Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of California San Diego. He earned an MS in Psychology and PhDs in Psychology and Cognitive Science. His specializations included spatial perception, multi-sensory perception, vision, synesthesia, illusions, phantom limb syndrome, & bodily awareness. Dr. Azoulai has also been actively teaching throughout his career and has over 25 years of classroom experience. He is dedicated to using our academic understanding of the human mind and rapidly advancing technology to make education more effective and straightforward for both students and teachers.